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Project summary

ELISE (European LIfe Science Ecosystems) addresses a societal challenge common to European regions: to promote better health and life for all. This covers the need to improve health and well-being outcomes and promote healthy and active ageing, but also to promote market growth, job creation, EU competiveness.

ELISE recognizes that complexity of relationships is rising between different actors of life science innovation. There is a need of coordinating affords and needs not only researchers themselves, but also producers, health providers, consumers and public bodies. Thus ELISE comes with the ecosystem concept that creates platform for cooperation between stakeholders of life science.

Life sciences are promising frontier and with help of current advancements in I.T. it is considered to be next innovation wave. This is one of the reasons, why it was chosen as focus of the project: research, economic and societal potential. However, some constraints hinder Life Science potential. These largely concerning difficulties in market exploitation; demand for extensive human and technical resources; and bioethical constraints affecting protection of individuals' rights and dignity.

ELISE partners from 7 regions believe that the concrete application of the Ecosystem concept at regional and interregional level can help to address these constraints. An ecosystem groups business, researchers, clinicians and patients to translate discovery into clinical use for medical innovation in health service that ultimately improves health of the European.

What will this project change?

Working in the field of research and innovation is becoming more and more complex. Various cross-sectoral expertises are needed in order to produce desirable outcome - pushing frontier of knowledge, development of new products and services. More communication is needed in whole innovation chain in order to identify new opportunities and possible partners. There have been many clustering initiatives for past few years, but ELISE project believes that more complex approach is needed, where also policy making bodies and society are involved in the process.

ELISE will bring together relevant stakeholders in the regions of partners in order to develop regional ecosystem and at the end we will form multinational ecosystem.

ELISE recognised that policy making bodies have very limited knowledge about clustering and ecosystems thus making it hard to implement. Each of the project members will communicate directly to policy making bodies to improve current status quo.

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