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BarCamp Health-Technology-Participation

16. October 2019 , Institut für eHealth und Management im Gesundheitswesen, Nordstraße 2, 24937 Flensburg

A BarCamp is an open space for everyone who wants to learn, develop and exchange ideas. No topics or presentations are defined beforehand. They are planned in the beginning of the BarCamp – that is the reason why such events are called ‘unconferences’ sometimes.

All participants are invited to propose topics for a session in form of presentations, workshops or panel discussions. If there are enough interested participants, the session will be added to the timetable.


Our BarCamp focuses on the topics health, technology and participation, because they are the key topics of the BaltCityPrevention project.

With the BarCamp we want to connect stakeholders and to strengthen knowledge exchange between them – not only stakeholders from different countries, but also from different organizational types like Small- and medium-sized enterprises, universities and public institutions are welcome.


  • People who are interested in finding contacts in Baltic Sea Region
  • Members of Public Health Authorities like municipalities, health insurances etc.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Health specialists, technology specialists, researchers, students and everyone else interested in health, technology and/or participation

About the project:

Current prevention measures are often ineffective and not applied sustainably, since the methods are not tailored to specific user needs. In BaltCityPrevention, 14 partners from 7 countries are testing a more participatory and user-oriented approach to develop and implement prevention and health promotion interventions.

New technologies will be employed in the planning procedures and also as innovative tools for prevention purposes. The participation of the users and the co-creation process are key elements of this new intervention model. The prevention interventions are offered by public health authorities (e.g. health care and social departments in municipalities) and address people with different health issue.

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