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BFCC - Baltic Fracture Competence Centre

The Baltic Fracture Competence Centre BFCC will respond to the challenges facing innovative within fracture management by aiming at accelerated and effective transnational collaboration for innovation within fracture management in the Baltic Sea Region. The BFCC will develop and implement a transnational fracture registry platform of 6 hospitals from Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden, allowing a comparison of the process and outcome quality across institutions and countries. This transnational research and innovation infrastructure will foster the evidence based identification of clinical best practice and needs for innovation.

BFCC will establish a transnational collaboration platform between hospitals and industry, which will be tested in 3 transnational pilots, with 6 hospitals and 3 companies involved. With its lead partner Life Science Nord Management, its 13 further project partners and its 26 associated organisations the BFCC has an excellent basis to establish a Baltic Sea Region wide platform for future collaboration and thereby foster innovation within fracture management.

As part of the EUSBSR flagship project ScanBalt HealthRegion the project will open the research and innovation infrastructure and all identified innovation needs to all Baltic Sea Region companies.

Project Goals & Activities

  • New fracture registries implemented in 4 hospitals in Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia.
  • Transnational fracture registry platform integrating data from six hospitals including existing registries in Sweden and Denmark
  • Providing access to transnational fracture registry to forster innovation
  • Associated reports analyzing transnational registry data as well as including a benchmark of fracture management and health outcome across Baltic Sea countries
  • Highlighting innovation potentials of complete pathway of fracture treatment based on registry data
  • Establishing a transnational research and innovation collaboration platform between hospitals and industry
  • Involvement of international stakeholder from all kind of relevant sectors
  • Education and training of fracture clinicians and other health professionals
  • R&I pilotsbetween hospitals and industry

Impact on target groups

  • Medical professionals: Professional development in fracture treatment, benchmark with other medical professionals, benchmark of different treatment methods
  • Hospitals: Quality benchmark with other hospitals/countries (positive and negative outliers), reduce complications, reduce costs
  • Clinical research: Real life data, mirroring real life conditions, huge amount of patients, hypothesis generation, epidemiological data
  • Companies: Innovation needs and potentials, product complaints/recall, perspective health economic modelling, accelerate market access, efficient post-market surveillance
  • Health authorities and health insurance: Potentials for cost reductions, epidemiology of fractures, planning of health care provision

Project Partners

  • Lead Partner: Life Science Nord Management GmbH (Germany)
  • Stryker Trauma GmbH (Germany)
  • University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
  • University Medicine Greifswald (Germany)
  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sweden)
  • Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre (Denmark)
  • ScanBalt fmba (Denmark)
  • Lithuania University of Health Science (Lithuania)
  • LifeScience Klaster Krakow (Poland)
  • University Hospital Krakow (Poland)
  • University of Tartu (Estonia)
  • Tartu Biotechnology Park Ltd (Estonia)
  • Bone Index Finland Ltd. (Finland)
  • LevOss Aps (Denmark)

The development of the project has been supported by DSN-Connecting Knowledge. 

Project duration

March 2016 - February 2019

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Dr. Imke Schneemann
Project Manager
P +49.431.9089-6858

Dr. Anna Eckers
Project Manager
P +49.431.9088-5828


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