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BONEBANK - Cross-border Biobank-Project

In the BONEBANK project, an innovative value chain for the clinical procurement and use of bone marrow stem cells in fracture-related routine operations will be developed and implemented.

What currently happens?

The material such as bone marrow, blood and stem cells from an operation is discarded and has to be disposed of.

What will happen in the BONEBANK project?

The stem cells will be separated from the material, processed and stored in a German-Danish biobank. These bone marrow stem cells represent a new, high-quality resource which is to be made available for use by patients themselves and to further donors, research institutions and companies engaged in research.

Project goals and planned activities

The establishment and implementation of a German-Danish biobank for bone marrow stem cells based on:

- the development of procedures to obtain bone marrow stem cells in the clinical treatment of fractures in routine operations

  • New type of operating tool
  • Procedures performed in operations to obtain bone marrow stem cells
  • Logistics for the transportation of stem cells to the biobank
  • Patient consent procedure

- the establishment and operation of a cross-border biobank for bone marrow stem cells

  • Sample collection process
  • Reconditioning and physical storage
  • Cross-border IT infrastructure for joint data management
  • Political and legal framework
  • Uniform quality standards for joint data collection
  • Bone sample quality control
  • Procedures to test the safety of stem cells with regard to infection and contamination prophylaxis

- the development of the German-Danish biobank's organizational and exploitation model

  • Knowledge database for research and development as well as clinical and industrial applications in the field of bone marrow stem cells
  • Business plan for a model to exploit and organize a German-Danish stem cell biobank
  • Marketing measures in the German-Danish program region

Contribution to program goals

  • Product innovation: a tool to obtain bone marrow stem cells
  • Process innovation: new resource of bone marrow stem cells
  • New products and services: organizational and business model for the exploitation of the biobank

Target groups

  • Hospitals and trauma centers
  • Companies
  • Patients and the general public
  • Research institutes
  • Science, economic and health ministries in the region covered by the program

Project and network partners

  • University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein - Campus Lübeck
  • University of Lübeck
  • Odense Universitetshospital
  • Stryker Trauma GmbH
  • soventec GmbH
  • Life Science Nord Management GmbH
  • Welfare TechSyddansk Sundhedsinnovation

As from March 2019

  • Universität zu Lübeck
  • Næstved Hospital, Department of Clinical Immunology
  • IHK zu Lübeck


  • The following options for using bone marrow stem cells will be pursued:
  • Self-use by patients (autologous)
  • Donation for other patients (allogeneic)
  • Storage for future self-use or for use by direct relatives as potential future cell material
  • Use in health research for the benefit of the public
  • Promotion of innovation in the German-Danish border region and thus promotion of growth and employment

Cross-border collaboration

The BONEBANK project combines existing competences of the German and Danish project partners in bone marrow stem cell research and medical technology as well as university trauma centers and biobank operators on both sides of the border and complements these optimally. This will create a new and unique value chain in the region - from the innovative procurement of bone marrow stem cells to their storage in a cross-border biobank up to their use by regional research establishments and companies. The BONEBANK project represents an important innovation platform for companies engaged in research aimed at developing new medical products and therapies for regenerative medicine. In addition, it will help boost regional research and development expenditure in the region covered by the program in the medium term.


University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein - Campus Lübeck
Prof. Dr. med. Arndt Peter Schulz
Ratzeburger Allee 160
23538 Lübeck
+49 451 500 4730

Life Science Nord Management GmbH
Dr. Imke Schneemann
Legienstraße 40
24103 Kiel
+49 431 9089 -6858


Dr. Anna Eckers
Project Manager
P +49.431.9088-5828

Dr. Imke Schneemann
Project Manager
P +49.431.9089-6858


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