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MAGIA - Medtech Alliance for Global InternationAlisation

The global medical technologies sector (i.e. medical devices, In Vitro Diagnostics and medical imaging equipment) can be a tough environment for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and start-ups. In Europe the industry - considered to be one of the Top10 emerging ones - is mainly composed of SMEs, which face several obstacles: strong and fast international competition, strict and multi-faceted regulatory environment, the need of integrating diverse technologies, as well as their traditional difficulties: lack of time, money and specialized human resources being the most relevant ones. The role of clusters is thus crucial in supporting companies with their internationalisation effort and in providing them with the proper tools.

MAGIA (from the Italian magìa = "magic") - Medtech Alliance for Global InternationAlisation - brings together four European leading MedTech and health clusters with the objective of fostering internationalisation of their SMEs through a strong alliance of European value. The overall goal of the project is, through cooperation and resource-sharing, to pave the way for the clusters' SMEs onto highly relevant and interesting target markets: namely China and the USA. SMEs will benefit from MAGIA's knowledge resources, which consist of market studies and videos, as well as from a network of strong relationships in the target countries that will be established along the course of the project.

Forming an alliance, the clusters are not only able to mutualise their knowledge, skills, and best practices but also to achieve a critical mass in order to give SMEs enhanced visibility and awareness. Joining forces also creates abundant opportunities for knowledge exchange among like-minded SMEs, leading to a more strategic approach overall.

Specific project objectives

  • Set up a strategic partnership among four leading European Life Science Clusters to create a common approach to internationalisation
  • Build lasting partnerships in China and the USA to create gateways for market entry and collaboration
  • Enable SMEs to strategically prepare these two target markets and facilitate the internationalisation process to the best possible extend

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