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X-Alliance GmbH

X-Alliance is the official successor of the worldwide Philips X-Ray OEM component business and continues the customer support and supplies ...

Category: Medical Technology
Sub Category: electromedical equipment,

X-FAB MEMS Foundry Itzehoe GmbH

More than 20 years ago we started the production of a sensor used for blood pressure monitoring. Since then, our microchips have been used in cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids, XRAY sensors for DNA ...

Category: Medical Technology
Sub Category: electromedical equipment,

X-Spectrum GmbH

X-Spectrum GmbH is a spin off company of DESY. We provide cutting-edge detectors for X-ray experiments at synchrotrons and beyond. We provide the LAMBDA system, a dedicated X-ray camera that is unique ...

Category: Medical Technology
Sub Category: information & communication technology, electromedical equipment,

Xtal Concepts GmbH

The company is specialized in the development, construction, production and distribution of analytical hardware particular used for visualization, analysis and manipulation of submicroscopic particles ...

Category: Biotechnology / Pharma
Sub Category: lab technologies, analytics & reagents,
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