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In the 50th edition of the Life Science Nord Magazine we present brand new initiatives that want to advance the next generation of start-ups. One of these new ideas has been closely developed with the help of the Life Science Nord Management: the new "Anti-infectives BRIDGE" which is currently being set up by Hamburg-based Evotec AG together with the city of Hamburg and local infectious diseases research institutes is a direct result of fruitful cooperation under the umbrella of the HIHEAL project. We very much look forward to boosting and supporting infectious biology approaches that find their way from the lab to the clinic and help address the need for new antimicrobials to tackle the fight against antibiotic resistant pathogens.

Another important initiative takes place at the Lübeck Technology Center (TZL) which has been on hand for a good 30 years to provide northern Germany with a lively start-up scene and active entrepreneurship. Now, a new accelerator program is being established together with local partners from science and business - and the life sciences will be among the priority topics. It is scheduled for launch in 2019 and will support up to 12 start-ups with specific mentoring services and an initial capital infusion.

Furthermore, this edition highlights the achievements of the universities of Lübeck and Kiel in winning Federal funding as an Excellence Cluster for the third time in a row. They won over the jury witha new concept on precision medicine. In the Know-How section, we take a look into the potential of augmented reality for endovascular treatments. Another article presents an overview of the growing life science market in China. In addition, the editorial team met Peter Tschentscher, First Mayor of Hamburg. Before climbing to top jobs in politics, he worked as a physician in laboratory medicine.

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