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Marken Hosts Exclusive Workshop on Trends in Clinical Trial Supply Chain

Marken recently organized a workshop in Hamburg that brought together leaders from across the clinical trials industry to discuss trends and innovations in the supply chain industry. The workshop, titled “Interaction of Supply Chains and Patients in Clinical Trials,” featured a variety of experts and specialists to provide further insight and knowledge sharing into a range of clinical trial fields and their trends.

Marken opened the workshop with a presentation on the rise of big data as well as a discussion on the shift of the clinical trial industry towards patient centricity and need for direct to patient distribution.

Speakers from CTC North, Marken, LKF and Clariness also shared data and experiences with investigator-initiated trials for Ebola and MERS, supply chains for cell & gene therapy, solutions for special biological shipments and global patient recruitment strategies. The workshop provided attendees with opportunities for open discussions and networking to encourage in-depth conversations on the featured topics.

“This workshop successfully brought together a diverse group of experts from across the industry to discuss the future of clinical trial logistics from a variety of different aspects,” said Gerit Offenhauser, Marken’s Senior Vice President, Global CTD Operations and EMEA Logistics. “The inter-disciplinary approach to the workshop revealed a great interest among the attendees for a deeper awareness of the intersection of similar fields within the clinical trial context.”

Marken plans to hold similar workshops annually going forward. See when and where the next events is

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