Internationalisierung Crash Course on Internationalisation

The path to foreign markets is not always clear. There are many aspects to be considered – f.e. cultural, legal and economic – and taking the first step may seem difficult. Besides, after making the first contact, staying and being present in the new market requires a strong commitment.


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Participation in the event is without a fee.

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Concerning the latter, the crash course will, amongst others, discuss the digitalisation in healthcare in Estonia, India and Australia – a lecture, experience story of enterprise entering to these markets and participants sharing their experiences, to share the experiences and learn from each other.

The workshop will be followed up by online advice and facilitation by the partnership clusters BioRN Life Science Cluster Rhine-Neckar (Germany), Smart Hub Flemish Brabant (Belgium), BioPeople (Denmark) and Tartu Health Cluster (Estonia).

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