A new member of LSN e.V.: Birn + Partners

Trust, business understanding and network are the company's basis for finding, attracting and retaining specialists and executives

Founded in 2013 by Mikkel F. Birn in Denmark, the executive search company is now represented by over 60 consultants and partners in ten countries. Birn + Partners' vision is to be a Trusted Advisor for clients in a wide range of industries. A Trusted Advisor is a consultant who is always close to the needs of clients and their organizational development, based on the Scandinavian understanding of values, according to the company.

Since many years Birn + Partners is a reliable renowned life science company and today represented in ten countries.
Since many years Birn + Partners is a reliable renowned life science company and today represented in ten countries. (Image: totojang1977|stock.adobe.com / Birn + Partners)

Many years of expertise in the life science environment

"The life science industry is in a constant state of change," says Dr. Torsten Ziegler, who is an executive consultant for Birn + Partners in Hamburg. "This makes a deep understanding of the industry even more crucial when it comes to supporting our clients in implementing international growth, organizational development and attracting talent in a global context in all areas. And it's this knowledge, skill and experience in international management that enables us to understand our clients' needs."

Own academy ensures continuous know-how transfer

Birn + Partners has established its own Academy with training in the form of webinars and conferences to ensure the sustained delivery of top performance. The aim of the Academy is to share expertise so that all consultants and partners can support each other and develop competencies in consulting. "The Academy is an important building block on the way to meet our clients with up-to-date knowledge and relevant insights of their industry and to be a trusted advisor to them at all times," reports Dr. Ziegler, who himself has more than 25 years of management and leadership experience in the healthcare industry, including high-level positions in pharma and medtech. "We want to foster a learning environment that develops individuals as well as us as a team."

Partners of prestigious life sciences companies

Among the clients Birn + Partners already continuously serves in the life science and health care segment are Boehringer Ingelheim, Fertin Pharma, Orifarm, Novartis, Stada, Biocodex, Hytest and many others. "We look forward to being a reliable contact and partner to the companies in the Life Science Nord Cluster sector in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein when it comes to finding and then also retaining specialists and managers across borders," emphasizes Dr. Ziegler.

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