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Prevent metastases – save lives! CELL RECEPTOR has developed an innovative method: broadly effective, well tolerated and cost-efficient

Today, cancer treatment primarily involves the use of toxic agents, highly cell-damaging physical agents such as radiation, or other severe procedures. Undesirable and sometimes serious side effects are common. At the same time, the results of these treatment methods are often sobering: one in two cancer patients dies – in 90 percent of cases due to metastasis.

In September 2022, Hans-Åke Fabricius presented the company CELL RECEPTOR and the developed method at the LSN event "Ins Netz gegangen".

Personalized and affordable treatment methods are lacking... yet!

Reliable prevention of cancer metastasis is therefore one of the most important concerns in oncology and an urgent need, unfortunately unmet so far. Costs in oncology are rising sharply. In addition to highly personalized treatments, fundable methods with great universal potential are also important.

Preventing metastases – avoiding side effects

CELL RECEPTOR has recognized this shortcoming and developed a breakthrough very innovative method to broadly effective, well-tolerated and cost-effective prevention of metastases. The company now holds strong patents granted in the EU, USA, Japan, Canada and Australia.

Platelets are urgently needed for cell growth. The CELL RECEPTOR team's patented invention prevents platelets from binding to circulating tumor cells in the circulation. These cannot form metastases without contact with platelets.

Platelets are prevented from binding to tumor cells. (Graphic: © CELL RECEPTOR)

"Our findings allow for the first time to target a universal mechanism that regulates cell growth in the body. In particular, the method can be directed against most types of cancer," explains researcher and company founder Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Hans-Åke Fabricius and affirms: "This is currently the only known process in the control of cell growth that can be addressed with non-toxic agents. The method will thus find widespread application and change the unpleasant face of this class of diseases from the ground up!"

Proof-of-concept study about to start

With a drug approved by the FDA and EMA, CELL RECEPTOR has planned a Type IIa clinical proof-of-concept study in collaboration with an oncology center at a major university hospital in Germany to test the feasibility of the patented method. Joint planning offers a strategically advantageous and moderate funding model. A good network with clinical oncology and academic basic research is available.

Strong partners and investors are welcome

"We believe our IP has very significant potential value for investors, and we know that pre-market costs will be comparatively low due to exceptional circumstances. We are looking for strong partners and investors for this so important project!" underlines Hans-Åke Fabricius.