Innovation Network for Strengthening Resilience in Northern Germany

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Manager Innovation & Technologies Lennart Cordes

Disrupted supply chains, changing customer demands, skilled labor acquisition and an ever-increasing focus on sustainability – companies in the life science sector need to be and remain active and innovative on a wide variety of levels to deal with current and future challenges.

To sustainably increase the resilience of the life science sector and to be able to face the current pandemic but also future challenges in a strengthened way, supporting offers are needed. With the help of the InnoReAct project, the LSN cluster management intends to make an important contribution to this goal and support the industry with various offers to this goal.

InnoReAct aims to increase resilience by strengthening innovation. This is achieved primarily through the development of modern innovation strategies/methods as well as an intensive exchange within the network regarding this know-how. In particular, the following three project goals are pursued and, in connection with this, positive effects for strengthening the innovative power of the life science region are expected:

  • Networking of the stakeholders, such as companies of all sizes, scientific institutions, clinics, and service providers.
  • Transfer of know-how on innovative methods to bring developments, technologies, products, and processes into the supply landscape along a common value chain
  • Creation of a platform for common knowledge exchange between the stakeholders to promote sole or cooperative development activities.

Project in a nutshell

Project Contents

Special focus on the aspects:

  • Cross-sectoral development of new processes, methods, products, and services along a common value chain
  • Increasing innovative power
  • Identification of innovation gaps and their compensation
  • Strengthening of the target region and economic growth of the overall network

Project Period

01.01.2022 - 28.2.2023

Project Partner

Life Science Nord Management GmbH


InnoReAct is funded by EU-REACT of the City of Hamburg through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).