Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB)

The DESY campus in Hamburg is home to the CSSB, an interdisciplinary center with partners from various universities and research institutions. Their common goal is to unravel the attack mechanisms of pathogens at the atomic level in order to design tailor-made medication against them.
Notkestraße 85, Building 15, 22607 Hamburg


In our globalized world, infection research is becoming ever more important. Thanks to long-distance travel and global exchange of goods, bacteria and viruses can spread very rapidly. Only by learning how these pathogens function will we be able to effectively protect ourselves against them.

That's the approach pursued by CSSB, where biologists, chemists, medical scientists, physicists and engineers join forces to investigate the interaction of pathogens with their hosts. DESY offers them unique facilities in Germany that provide optimal conditions for structural biology. Using "super microscopes" such as PETRA III, FLASH and European XFEL, reseachers are able to study biological samples in different ways – ranging from structural analysis of single molecules to real-time imaging of processes in living cells – and thus explore the molecular basis of diseases with extremely high spatial and temporal resolution.

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