Fraunhofer IMTE

Partner for Individualized Medical Engineering Solutions
Mönkhofer Weg 239a, 23562 Lübeck


Fraunhofer IMTE is an innovative and unique research institution developing intelligent systems and processes for health in the fields of medical technology, cell technology and aquaculture. The focus is on the safe translation of these solutions into beneficial applications for a healthy society. With a cycle of prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation, the Fraunhofer IMTE redefining the term Circular Health and creating conditions for the individualization of health technologies.

Through the central platforms of Surgical Robotics, Food Technology, Additive Manufacturing and Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, the developed solutions are quickly and reliably transferred into application.

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Fraunhofer IMTE makes an active contribution to the promotion of junior scientists by offering project-related student internships, master's, bachelor's and (medical) doctoral theses.

The research topics include intelligent mechanical ventilation, physiological modeling and modularized system development, as well as medical robotics, computed tomography, magnetic particle imaging, nanoparticle research and cell technology.

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