At the Fraunhofer CAN in Hamburg, inorganic nanoparticle systems are being developed
Grindelallee 117, 20146 Hamburg


Fraunhofer CAN employees transfer research results into solution strategies for new or improved products, especially in the fields of functional materials (displays, LED and lighting, solar and fuel cells), life science (diagnostic tools, biomarkers) and home and personal care (additives for cosmetic products, detergents and specialty polymers as formulation aids).

The main expertise lies in the production and characterization of materials in the form of inorganic nanoparticles and nanocomposites. Established particle systems include fluorescent, magnetic, electrically and thermally conductive, radiopaque, electrocatalytically active, metallic and ceramic nanoparticles.

The Fraunhofer CAN offers contract research and development services in the field of chemical nanotechnology and nanoanalytics.

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