Universität zu Lübeck

Research and teaching at the Universität zu Lübeck started in the field of medicine, but our informatics, natural sciences, and engineering sections today encompass much more. The common element among them is their emphasis on life science, also mirrored by our motto: Focus on Life
Ratzeburger Allee 160, 23562 Lübeck


The University of Lübeck stands for excellent teaching through excellent research. The thematically focussed and future-proof degree programmes in the fields of life sciences and medicine are among the best rated in the German-speaking world.

  • Artificial Intelligence (Master)
  • Auditory Technologiey (Master)
  • Biomedical Engineering (Master)
  • Biophysics (Bachelor & Master)
  • Computational Life Science (Bachelor & Master)
  • Infection Biology (Master)
  • Medical Microtechnology (Master)
  • Medical Informatics (Bachelor & Master)
  • Medical Engineering Science (Bachelor & Master)
  • Molecular Life Sciences (Bachelor & Master)
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Bachelor & Master)
  • and more
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The University of Lübeck has named three established research fields as its long-term interdisciplinary focal points. Their working groups conduct joint research on topics at the interface between medicine, computer science, life sciences and technology.

  • Infection and Inflammation at the Center for Infection and Inflammation Lübeck (ZIEL)
    The centre is dedicated to research and development in the field of infectious and inflammatory diseases and the application of findings in clinical medicine. In infection research, ZIEL members focus on the characteristics of pathogens, disease progression and intervention options. Inflammation research looks at factors of the disease process in different organ systems and regulatory circuits.

  • Biomedical Engineering at the Center for Imaging Sciences (CIS)
    The center is an interdisciplinary endeavor comprising institutions in all three University Departments. The CIS coordinates research activities in Medical Imaging and Image Analysis. It aims at advancing research and education associated with physical methods and devices for imaging, mathematical foundations and algorithmic developments for analysing and interpreting images, as well as the implementation of developed methods in clinical routine. The CIS activities are concerned with biomedical engineering and the application of methods in clinical medicine, as well as technical and biological research questions.

  • Brain, Behaviour & Metabolism at the Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM)
    The centre is an interdisciplinary facility at the University of Lübeck for research into the mutual control of brain, behaviour and metabolic processes and their application in experimental and clinical medicine. Metabolic laboratories, neuroendocrinological and neurophysiological laboratories, imaging equipment and a metabolic unit for measuring body composition and calorie consumption will be available for the researchers' work.

The additional research areas of the University of Lübeck are research areas that decisively shape the research profile and complete the environment of the main research areas with numerous third party-funded consortia, centres and cooperations:

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