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The economic footprint of the Life Science Nord Cluster

How much economic strength does the life science industry have in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein? Life Science Nord commissioned the study entitled "The economic footprint oft he Life Science Nord Cluster" to obtain up-to-date indicatorsfor 2016 on this question. The health industry is analyzed as the cluster's core. The health industry includes companies that develop, produce and sell (including wholesale) human pharmaceuticals and medical technology products.

The term "economic footprint" describes the macroeconomic significance of sectors on the basis of economic indicators such as gross value added, the number of persons employed and exports.

The economic research institute WifOR has applied the established method of the "economic footprint" across Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein to capture the close economic links between the two federal states in an analysis of the health industry. Besides determining the key economic indicators for the entire industry, WifOR's work included a tailor-made definition of the Life Science Nord Cluster to separate it from other sectors.

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Key Indicators for 2016


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