Hygiene, Infection & Health

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Manager Innovation & Technologies Georg Eschenburg

The project HIHeal next level transition (Hygiene, Infection & Health) aims to further develop and expand the network previously established as part of a cluster bridge in cooperation with Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg.

Economic growth and the region will be strengthened by networking stakeholders including companies, research institutes, hospitals, and funding agencies (statutory and private health insurance, self-payers).

The thematic focus is particularly in the area of:

  • Green Hygiene
  • Materials science
  • Gender influence on immune diseases as contribution for new treatment stategies for infection
  • Antibiotic resistance and its importance for infection prevention and development of innovative solutions

Hygiene and infection are highly relevant to society, politics, science, and the economy. Microbiological and pharmaceutical research is the basis for understanding various infection mechanisms. Better hygiene measures can prevent infection and the restricted use of antibiotics can stop resistance.

About the Project

Particular areas of focus

  • Prävention
  • Diagnostik
  • Akute Therapien
  • Klinische Innovationsfelder


01.01.2023 - 31.12.2023


The HIHeal Project is funded by the City of Hamburg.