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Northopedics - Innovation network for bone healing

The project's overarching objective is to establish Northopedics, an innovation-oriented competence network for bone healing.


21.06.2016 - 30.06.2019


Schleswig-Holstein's regional economic development program: 
The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.


Changing conditions in the healthcare system such as demographic change, rising cost pressures and unresolved medical issues make it necessary to develop new and innovative approaches. Creating and developing innovation in turn secures and strengthens growth and employment.
Building on current expertise in hospitals, the scientific community and industry, Northopedics will be established and expanded as an area of focus in the Life Science Nord region. Northopedics will take a cooperative approach to determine clinical needs, pool expertise and drive forward research into, and the development of, solutions, products, processes and services in the field of bone healing.

Project objectives and planned activities

  • Determine clinical requirements and trends
  • Highlight existing expertise in the LSN cluster
  • Create a network linking players from hospitals, the scientific community and industry
  • Enter into cooperation arrangements (regional, national, international) and initiate collaborative projects
  • Transfer services, technologies, products and processes along common value chains
  • Integrate complementary sectors into the innovation process
  • Establish bone healing as a thematic focus

Stakeholder of the project



Marion Zenthoefer
Project Manager
P +49.431.9088-5829


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