Medical Technology –
a Strong Base in the North

Surgical robot in the Lübeck Innovation Hub for Robotic Surgery (LIROS) at Fraunhofer IMTE, Lübeck

The Medical Technology Ecosystem
in the North

Where tradition and innovation go hand in hand – this formula succinctly sums up the medtech industry in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg are home to globally recognized medical technology companies with a long tradition, such as Philips and Olympus, which continuously contribute to providing new momentum for global healthcare. In Northern Germany, globally active companies such as LINK, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Söring or WEINMANN manufacture medical products for the world market. And they have been doing so for over 100 years in some cases. The imaging solutions developed by Philips today began with the founding of the Hamburg-based company C.H.F. Müller Röntgenwerk in 1896.

International Appeal

Today, medtech products and solutions are not only used in health care and research facilities worldwide. Germany's two northernmost states are also increasingly becoming a center of attraction for leading international medtech companies that are settling in the Life Science Nord region in their search for a European foothold.

Operating Theater Robotics and AI – the North is Forging Ahead

It is not easy to single out particular highlights from the diversity of the North German medtech industry, given all the great innovations and ideas. One topic that is at the top of the innovation agenda in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein – both in research and teaching as well as in product development – is the use of artificial intelligence. Here, the North is emphatically becoming a hotspot with supraregional appeal regarding AI-supported applications. The same applies to the use of robotics in the operating room. Leading developers and research institutions are based in the cluster region.

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Hans Kuhn hands over responsibilities to his successors Mariela Aranda (left) and Julianna Shibao (right).
Hans Kuhn hands over responsibilities to his successors Mariela Aranda (left) and Julianna Shibao (right). (Picture: altona Diagnostics)

New management at altona Diagnostics in Argentina and Brazil

After more than six years at the helm of the Argentine and Brazilian subsidiaries of altona Diagnostics based in Buenos ...

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The surgical team prepares for an upcoming operation.
The 5-person SurgMark team has already developed several surgical and wound healing products and achieved approvals as Class III medical devices in the U.S. and Europe – and is now on the verge of FDA approval with SchurSign®. (Image: © Productions)

Medtech start-up SurgMark aims to enter the US market

 In breast imaging, doctors mark suspicious areas with marker clips. With SchurSign®, the Hamburg-based medical technology start-up SurgMark has developed an innovative tissue marker made ...

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MAGIA: new collaboration agreement with China

MAGIA, the Medtech Alliance for Global InternationAlisation to market, announces it has joined forces with SCIMEA (Sichuan international medical exchange and promotion association, China) to ...

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